What exactly is Shotmakers?

It’s a brand new competition on Golf Channel played at night inside the bright lights of Top Golf Las Vegas.
Think of NBC’s ‘American Ninja Warrior’ with strategy, intensity, a live audience and an illuminated stage.
Blend that image with Golf Channel’s ‘Big Break’ and the changing competitions that tested precision and skill.
There are nine co-ed teams to start. Each competition show has games designed by the production crew to bring intense team competition to life. Some games you may have played yourself at Top Golf. Every show begins with a preliminary with the teams. The winner of that gets a bonus of some sort for the main game. The bottom two teams after the main game compete in an elimination challenge with one team advancing along with the safe teams to the next competition show.

You might be thinking “How could they make a whole 7-competition show season out of one bay at Top Golf?” I asked the same thing myself before we started. There were 25 cameras used to capture a rowdy crowd and pressure that exploded. It seemed as soon as we hit the climax of one competition, it couldn’t get any better, but then it did!

The TopTracer technology looks so cool among the scenery of Las Vegas.

Shane Bacon and Amanda Bloomenhurst are calling the shots. I’m giving sideline reports and conducting the interviews.

You’ve got to keep an eye out for some of the funny signs in the crowd. They had me laughing so hard!

The premier is tonight, April 9th at 9pm ESTon Golf Channel



Denis OSullivan